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Family Bowling Center


Family Entertainment At It's Best. We offer AFFORDABLE family and friends entertainment to all of north-central Iowa. With 24 lanes of easy automatic scoring, bumper lanes for the kids, large game room, banquet facilities a lounge, we have something for everyone. Plan your next outing with us. We have open play available almost all of the time.

-We're Your Party Headquarters-
-Central Iowa's Home of COSMIC BOWLING-

Pricing & Hours of Operation:

Spring and Summer Hours:

Sundays               11am-8pm

Mon, Tue, Wed    11am-5:30pm

Thursday              11am-9pm

Friday & Sat         11am-11pm

Cosmic Bowling                Every Friday & Sat 7-9pm & 9-11pm

Quartermania                   Every Sunday 6pm-8pm (summer hours)

We can make special arrangements to be open for Private Parties or Group Outings ANYTIME!

Call for more information!


U-Haul Hours- Sun. thru Friday 11-5:30- Sat. 9-5:30









Open Play Available Almost Always

Regular Rates  
Adults Only $3.50 / Game
Children & Adults Bowling with Children $3.25 / Game
Shoe Rental $2.50


Birthday Parties!

Book a Party Today
pin Fun Pkg - Mon-Thurs $6.95/ea. (click on Partiy tab)
pin Fun Pkg - Fri-Sun $7.95/ea. (click on Partiy tab)
pin Group Parties Call for Pricing
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9 PIN Fast and Furious League -

Starts May 4th

Call or stop by to sign up.




We are hosting both the Men's and Women's State Senior Tournaments in April and May

Call for open play availability during the day on Saturday and Sundays.  515 576-7664





Click here for our Calendar



SUNDAY is Quartermania! "Budget"
Budget bowling at it's best. Everything's just a Quarter....Well, almost everything. For a $6 cover charge, you get to bowl each game for .25 instead of $2.85, you get to rent shoes for .25 instead of $2 and you get to drink .25 pops instead of $1.75. Draw beers are only (2) .25 each and soon we'll be adding hot dogs again for another (2) .25 each. Quartermania is from 6-9pm.

THURSDAY "Dollar Nites"
From 4-10pm on Tues. and Thurs. nites, almost everything is a Dollar. Pay $6 for the first two games and shoe rental and take advantage of this afordable "Special". Games are $1, Pops are $1, Hot Dogs are $1, Draw Beers are $1*, Pucker shots are just $1*, and bottle beers are only (2) $1. (*Draws and shots are limited to 3 ea. person)

Birthday Party Special
Have your birthday party package on a week day and save $1 for each of your bowlers. See our birthday party section in the "Parties" page.

"Kids Bowl Free all Summer"
Register on line at and follow the directions for 2 FREE games of bowling every day we are open through Aug. 31st, 2011. We have been offering this program for 14 years now and this year we have basically only changed the registration process. Take advantage of $$$$$ Savings. get out of the heat and away from the bugs and come and "bowl for the health of it.


Bowling For Your Health

  • Bowling 3 games is like walking 1 mile.
  • You use 134 muscles during the basic 4-step approach.
  • The average bowler swings 864 pounds full circle in a 3 game series.
  • You burn about 240 calories per hour while bowling.
  • Bowling helps build strong bones.
  • Bowling requires mental focus and helps develop discipline.
  • Bowling provides an exercise option for those with physical limitations.

Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is the number 1 participation sport in the with more than 66 million people bowling annually. One of the primary reasons for its popularity is its adaptability: children and adults of nearly every ability level can participate, and it can be enjoyed as a leisure, recreational and social activity or as a competitive opportunity. Children too young to execute a full approach can stand near the foul line and, using two hands, gleefully shove the ball down the lane. Teenagers, middle-aged people, and even seniors frequent the lanes to participate in the lifetime sport of bowling. Bowling leagues abound. No other sport in the world has such a diversity of participants. Why? Bowling is fun, good, clean, laugh-it-up fun.
Bowling is a lifetime fitness sport which contributes to balance, coordination and motor skills. Bowling is able to fill the needs of so many people because it is, above all, a simple game. The rules are not complex and the basics of how to roll the ball are quickly learned. Bowling is an excellent recreational activity for all ages and ability levels. Because of the relatively small expenditure of energy required of the game, you can participate in bowling for many more years than other sports. Bowling is considered one of the largest participation sports and has emerged as a sport for the entire family to play and enjoy.

Spring and Summer are a great time to have fundraisers. Contact us for more information on how you can raise thousands of dollars in just a few hours on a weekend afternoon.